Coffee Enema: What You Need to Know

Recently, doing a coffee enema seems to be the new "detox fad", as many celebrities rave about the health benefits. While we all know having a healthy colon is important for optimal health, especially for your digestive system. But, will a coffee enema really cleanse your intestinal tract? How did this detox fad start? Where do coffee enemas come from?

The History of Coffee Enemas

In the early 1920's, a German physician by the name of Dr. Max Gerson discovered that caffeine could actually open up bile ducts, as well as being a powerful stimulant. He conducted tests on animals, and came to the conclusion that excessive caffeine actually creates bile in your liver. Shortly there after, Dr. Max Gerson began using a coffee enema as treatment for various kinds of cancer, as well as tuberculosis.

The reasoning behind Dr. Max Gerson's thoughts, was that when caffeine enters into the liver, it will then help detoxify the rest of your body. Dr. Gerson believed that by performing a coffee enema, you will not only cleanse your intestinal tract of toxins, but it will also detoxify your liver and gallbladder as well. Even though, this is not how the typical liver cleanse goes. Of course, this is all while following a "cleansing" diet of fruits and vegetables.

In 1958, Dr. Max Gerson published a book on his theories and findings, considering cancer and coffee enemas. In his book, he had "proof" that 50 patients suffering from various kinds of cancer were cured by performing a coffee enema, as well as eating a specific diet. Unfortunately for Dr. Gerson, his book was quickly dismissed by colleagues, health professionals and scientists alike, despite the fact that he provided "proof" that a coffee enema would cure cancer patients. The United States National Cancer Institute investigated his claims and found that there was no real truth to his findings and claims.

Coffee Enemas: Are There Any Benefits?

Simply put — No.

While some of Dr. Gerson's claims are on the right track, such as following a high fiber diet full of organic fruits and vegetables will help cleanse the body of toxins, his thoughts on caffeine being able to cleanse the liver and intestinal tract is offbase. While coffee enemas may help the liver and colon function more efficiently, there are many other ways to accomplish the same thing, but in a safer manner. Not to mention that doing a coffee enema will also remove both the bad and beneficial bacteria from the intestinal tract, which you would have to replace with probiotics.

The Dangers of Coffee Enemas

Regarding the safety of coffee enemas, there are several known dangers associated with their use. The most common side effects include dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and possibly caffeine addiction. If the electrolyte imbalance is severe enough, it can actually kill you.

Another common danger of coffee enemas, is inserting coffee that is to hot, or inserting it too quickly. This could actually tear and burn your intestinal tract, which will lead to a much more severe problem than constipation. Here is a good list of dangers from using a coffee enema.

Before performing a coffee enema, please remember to do the proper research and learn as much as you can about the dangers of enema cleansing, especially using coffee. There are many safer ways to perform a colon detox, most importantly, a high fiber diet, so remember to take those into consideration.